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Options for Oil Tank Replacement


If you have an underground oil tank, the question is not if it will develop a leak, the question is "when will it start leaking?" Even if your underground oil tank is structurally sound right now, it will eventually corrode, rust and develop a leak. If you wait for that to happen, you may be facing much higher costs and having to deal with the involvement of environmental agencies and their regulations.

There are sound reasons to consider an oil tank replacement right now, and several options for replacement if you do. You may want to review your options, but if you replace your oil tank now, rather than wait until it becomes a problem, you can save yourself both time and money.

If you decide to replace your old oil tank, you must decide on the placement of the new tank.  You have two basic options:

Inside the home

Many homeowners decide to install the replacement oil tank in the basement of the home. They may also upgrade the tank in size, to allow for more oil storage capacity. And you are not limited to another steel tank, many homeowners choose to install a plastic tank. The advantages of a plastic tank are obvious – it will never rust or corrode. Even inside the home, a steel tank can be exposed to moisture, developing rust that weakens the structure and causing leaks. There are also double-wall steel tanks that help prevent leaks.  Installing vent alarms will also protect your home from costly oil leaks.

Outside the home

Another option is to install a replacement oil tank outside the home.  The garage is a possible location.  Installation of an oil tank in the garage will also require the installation of a crash barrier.  Oil tanks can be installed outside if they are housed in an enclosure that protects them from the elements that would speed corrosion, such as rain and snow. The enclosure will also help keep the fuel from freezing in cold temperatures.

If you have an underground oil tank and would like more information on your options for removal and replacement, contact us.

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