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A Couple of Reasons to Consider Underground Oil Tank Removal

Do you currently own an underground oil tank to store your heating oil but plan to transition to an above ground tank or other heating source? If so, what do you plan to do with your current oil tank?


You basically have two options. You can remove it or you can abandon the tank. Here are a few great reasons to remove your old tank instead of abandoning it.


Surprisingly it can actually be more cost effect to choose oil tank removal over abandonment. If you want to abandon the tank you must have the soil around it tested for contamination. These tests can be rather costly and sometimes end up costing more than removal. After the tests are complete the tank will still have to be emptied, cleaned, and filled with something such as sand.

Home Resale

Choosing oil tank removal over abandonment is the smart choice if you ever want to sell your home. Think about what you would think if you were the home buyer. Many prospective home buyers are going to be concerned if there is an abandoned oil tank on the property. Put yourself in there shoes. If you were looking at a home with an abandoned oil tank you'd want to know the soil around it isn't contaminated and that it was abandoned properly. They will likely want to see records of all the work that was done and will probably want the soil tested for contamination which means you may have to pay for those soil tests all over again.

The Department of Environmental Protection in Massachusetts put together some great information in this article on reasons to consider underground oil tank removal that expands on these reasons. For more information on oil tank removal or abandonment don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help.



POSTED BY ats_admin ON November 16th, 2012

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