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Oil Tank Removal in Connecticut

Connecticut law regarding homeowners tanks causes confusion

  • No Requirement to Remove Tanks.  The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection does not require removal or testing of heating oil tanks that are under 2100 gallons.
  • Replacement Tanks.  The state of Connecticut does not have a uniform law that addresses the types of tanks that should be installed.   On the local level, each town in the state has their own rules regarding tank replacement.   In general, underground tanks can be installed as long as they have cathodic protection and are  STIP 3 Tanks.  Fiberglass tanks are also allow but are more costly and more difficult to install.
  • Above ground tank options. Most homeowners will opt to install an above ground tank inside the home.   These tanks are typically 275 gallons or 330 gallons in capacity.
  • Contractor requirements: Any contractor hired to remove an underground residential heating oil tank must be registered with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection as a Home Improvement Contractor.  The Home Improvement Contractor must comply with Section 20-420(a) of Connecticut General Statutes.   As of June 9, 2009, a surety bond is no longer required to perform tank removal work.
  • Home buyers: A person buying a home may want to test the soil or hire a tank testing company.   This would help determine the condition of the oil tank prior to taking possession of the property.

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