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Home above ground tank

Removing an above ground tank at your home.

Above ground tanks located in the home can be challenging.

Removing the tank should involve the following procedures:

  • Consider cleaning the tank before the removal.  This will remove all sludge located at the bottom of the tank and make removal easier.
  • Completely empty the tank.  Make sure all the pipes are capped and emptied.
  • Contact your town to see if any permits are required to remove your above ground tank.
  • Remove the tank & pipes.  Do not remove these pipes if they are apart of the structure of the building.
  • Heating oil tanks in the basement must have a solid disk inserted into the joint of the pipe.  This will prevent heating oil from being mistakenly pumped into the basement after the tank is removed.
  • Many times the emptied tank will have to be cut and removed in pieces because it is difficult to remove the entire vessel in one piece.
  • The tank must be disposed of properly.  A good idea is to take the tank to a salvage yard for recycling.

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