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Flat Rate Pricing

Don’t lose your dream home to an oil tank

Flat rate oil tank removal & soil cleanup

Each year thousands of real estate closings are delayed because of oil tank issues.  Contractors take weeks, sometimes months to deliver estimates- estimates that are often times inaccurate and timetables that aren’t delivered.


Thousands of dollars and weeks of time- without the costs disclosed and delivery of the required remediation, closings can be delayed for months, and sometimes cancelled entirely, leaving realtors, buyers and sellers frustrated over a problem they didn’t anticipate; delaying the real estate process further.   Buyers can’t move, sellers can’t move and realtors are stuck with a transaction they can’t finish.


ATS offers a solution with quick turnaround, flat-rate tank removal & soil clean-up services.  Within hours and many times within minutes of calling us,  you can get a guaranteed cost and schedule of removal, giving you the assurance to close transactions with confidence.


Leaking tank? You still get a fixed price to do all the clean-up work!

All costs are anticipated and disclosed upfront.

  • There are no surprises
  • no hidden fees and
  • permit costs are included.

You won’t have to wait

ATS handles all the paperwork, legwork and tank work for one low price, so you can focus on buying or selling your property.


Comparison Chart
ATS Trust Program Other Contractors
Cost Fixed cost.  What you’re quoted is what you pay.  It’s that simple! Cost may rise significantly after project has started.
Time Proposals are usually sent 30 minutes after you call us.  At most, you should never wait more than a few hours to get a written proposal from us. Dependent on contractor availability.  Often it takes several days or weeks to get a proposal in writing.
People We take care of every piece of the process including paperwork, legwork and tank work, all done in-house. Multiple outside contractors may be required.
Permits Permits are included in flat-rate pricing Additional charges may apply.
Accountability ATS solicits feedback from every customer and posts all reviews online unedited. You can see for yourself how we’re doing. We’re unaware of any other company that provides this level of transparency.


ATS Environmental has been in business for 20 years with thousands of satisified clients.


Hurry! There are a limited number of spots available in our flat-rate program every month.

Call us today to find out if you are eligible for a flat-rate tank removal, so you can make the call tomorrow to close your property!


Need other services? Learn more about our flat-rate oil to gas conversion.

Use our easy contact form and get a flat-rate proposal today!



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