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Free Oil Tank Removal, Here is the truth!

4 reasons why you should trust our program over “free oil tank removal” offers

  • No hidden expenses: No misleading quote before we visiting the site and perform an evaluation.
  • No delay:  If you’re in a hurry, we have the capacity to meet extremely short deadlines.
  • No dissatisfaction: We survey every project to make sure all customers are happy with our service.
  • No paperwork: We take care of everything on your behalf.

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Are 'free oil tank removal' services really free?

Often, when a contractor offers free tank removal, all is not what it seems. Here’s why…

When the contractor arrives to perform the work, the homeowner will have to pay the contractor $3,000, plus the extra charges assessed on site (see below for explanation extra charges). Many homeowners are surprised by this upfront payment. They thought they were getting a free tank removal. The contractor will most likely respond by reaffirming that the oil tank removal is free because the tank removal cost will be reimbursed up to $3,000 under the grant program.

However, grant submission could take several years to get reviewed and there’s actually no guarantee of funding. In addition, the homeowner has no assurance that they will qualify for the $3,000 grant and will be left on their own to deal with the state of New Jersey, as well as filling out arduous and complex paperwork.

In this situation, the tank contractor is betting that homeowners will be more likely to pay the removal costs and wait for reimbursement, especially with the contractor and equipment waiting outside their home ready to remove their tank.

What if the tank removal company give a price over the phone?

If the company is offering a free tank removal without ever visiting your property, you can anticipate “free” will evolve into many hundreds or thousands of dollars. Typically, in these cases, the contractor arrives on site to remove your tank and will detail a host of add-on charges.

These charges can be for anything such as installation for concrete pads, location of the new tank, installation of fuel lines and hand-digging fees. They may indeed be necessary but will often be charged at an exorbitant rate. These contractors believe that once they’re on site and started the tank removal process, you won’t object or shop for better rates. In addition, the contractors have been known to charge extremely high rates for removing existing fuel, disposing of sludge and soil sample laboratory analysis. We’ve even seen fees charged for mobilizing field personnel.

Here's what you can expect from ATS & the TRUST Program

We will visit every site and perform a thorough evaluation of the property. This will enable us to give you a written estimate that includes just about every anticipated cost. In the end, you can expect your cost for the tank removal and replacement to be substantially less than with the companies offering a ‘free’ tank removal gimmick.

What if your tank leaks?

If you hired a tank removal company that’s playing the ‘free’ gimmick, chances are you’ll be on your own trying to figure out how to pay for the tank removal costs. If a leak is discovered during tank removal, you’ll need to report the spill and remove the soil, which can be an very expensive project.

It is highly doubtful unreputable companies will help you get a leaking tank grant from the state, simply because they don’t know about the program or how to get the funds.

How do other oil tank removal companies ensure they are giving quality service?

In most cases, you will be dealing with the tank removal company directly. As the property owner, you are ultimately responsible for managing the entire project and making sure the company completes the job to your satisfaction. In the event you are not satisfied with the job, how will you hold the company accountable? Unfortunately, you are only one customer in state with a lot of oil tanks.

But the ATS TRUST Program makes sure the job is done properly the first time. We buy more tank removal services than anyone else in the state. We survey every project to make sure each customer is totally satisfied, and we hold our contractors accountable. Tank removal companies want to do a great job for us because they want more of our work. It’s as simple as that!

What if you need a tank removing at short notice?

Most companies cannot help you if you need your oil tank removed at short notice. The majority of these free tank removal gimmick companies require coordinating tank removal projects with other projects in your town or even your block.

If you are selling your home and need the removal to be completed quickly, most of these companies cannot accommodate your deadline with their offering.

BUT Under our TRUST program, the property owner can exercise complete control over scheduling the project. Our project coordinators are instructed to schedule at your convenience, when it makes sense for you. Even if you are selling your home and need the work done in a hurry, we have the capacity to meet your deadline. We will never make you wait for us to book other projects in your vicinity.

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“This is such a wonderful program. Thank you so much for making a difficult situation go smoothly. I refer you every chance I get.” Nancy, Real Eastate Attorney Rockaway, NJ


The information and service are great. You allowed me to feel comfortable buying a home with an underground tank. I plan on referring anyone I know who wants to replace their underground oil tank.”
Christopher, Homeowner, NJ


“ATS saved my time instead of doing it myself.”
Pat, homeowner Highland Lakes, NJ


“I had a tank removal and a soil remediation done. I was very pleased and very surprised – it was such a great job! The workers were very efficient. They didn’t leave the garden in a mess. They smoothed out the soil and covered it with straw and that’s key!”
Ann, homeowner Sparta, NJ


“You did such an excellent and neat job. Even my mother decided to use your services.”
John, homeowner Flanders, NJ


“I had already spent four months working on my own grant application when I found out about ATS. Now, I recommend TRUST to all my clients who want to remove and upgrade their underground oil tank. It’s definitely a time-saver.”
Kelly Rein, sales agent ERA Advantage Realty, Bordentown, NJ

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