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Oil Tank Grants

Tank Grant Program – Review process on hold!

Although the program was successful in helping many homeowners upgrade their existing underground oil tank systems, the state liabilities significantly exceed the fund’s assets.  This forced the state to place a hold on new applications for funding from the oil tank grant program. The state is still accepting new applications for non-leaking tank upgrades but there is no guarantee when these applications will be reviewed.   Currently the state anticipates more than a 2 year wait before funding is available.   In addition, the state does not guarantee that any submitted application will be funded.

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Although oil tank grant money may not be available for a while, replacing your tank is still easy with our flat-rate pricing for oil tank removals and soil cleanup. Here are the steps:

  1. Find an oil tank removal company & get your tank removed.  You should use a contractor that’s licensed for the  oil tank grant program.   You should also make sure the company is UHOT approved.
  2. Fixed Pricing:  You can get a flat rate price to remove tanks and clean-up soil.  No hidden fees and no surprise costs.
  3. You’ll still need to keep all the proper paperwork. Don’t forget to include the paid receipt from your contractor.  Most importantly, make sure all the paperwork is filled out correctly.   In the event the tank grant program receives funding, you’ll be ready to submit your application.


Where did the funds come from? The state of New Jersey established an oil tank program to help owners remove and replace buried oil tanks. The law was enacted in hope of providing an incentive for homeowners to remove their tanks before they leak.

  • Program Funding Source: Few New Jersey residents are aware that the state set aside funding for leaking oil tanks more than 10 years ago. The Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Upgrade Remediation and Closure Fund has been administered by the NJEDA & NJDEP with much success. The program receives most of its money from taxes levied on corporations.
  • Oil Tank Grant Program Expansion: In August 2006, the program was radically expanded. The program allowed homeowners with non-leaking tanks to take advantage of state funding. The state money, which came in the form of a reimbursement grant, gave New Jersey homeowners at least $3,200 and as much as $5,200 to remove their oil tank and replace it with a new buried or above ground tank.
  • Other Properties Qualify: NJ oil tank program funding was also available to remove tanks at rental properties, non-profits companies, churches and even estate owned properties.


Customer Testimonials

Here’s what homeowners said about how we handled their tank grant submissions:

“After talking with Kathleen at the ATS Trust Program, I was sure they had a handle on this process.  Getting my oil tank removed & was totally unfamiliar territory for me.  It was clear ATS’ expertise with this whole thing far exceeded mine or any other company I talked to…. I felt that having ATS do this for me got me through this process faster with a lot less hassle.”    – Maureen Smolka, Sparta, NJ

“ATS made the whole oil tank process easy by doing it for me.  They guaranteed me a fixed price for the soil cleanup. The handled all the paperwork for me.  I barely had to do anything.  ATS also got the oil tank removal done fast so that I could meet the buyers tight closing date.  Great job!”  -Cheryl Whitmore, Gillete, NJ


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