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Oil Tank Removal NJ

Get the facts for Oil Tank Removal NJ

NJ Oil Tank Removal companies must be licensed.  It is NJ law!

Don't hire the wrong NJ oil tank removal company: According to New Jersey law, any company removing oil tanks in NJ must be licensed by the NJ DEP (Department of Environmental Protection).   These certified firms are listed on the NJDEP oil tank removal NJ website.  FYI -our oil tank removal NJ listing is ACT Technologies/Advanced Tank Services and we have oil tank removal projects ongoing in every New Jersey county.

Watch out for impostors: A contractor's 40 hour OSHA certificate or NJ Homeowner's contractor's license is NOT an oil tank removal license in New Jersey.    If the firm is not on the NJ oil tank removal list of qualified companies, they are not certified to perform the work.   In order to obtain an oil tank removal license in NJ, the tank removal contractor must complete several courses in remediation and OSHA safety and carry liability insurance.

Unlicensed Oil Tank Removal in NJ:  Property owners that hire unlicensed oil tank removal firms in the state cannot receive any funding from NJ's oil tank removal grant program, when the program receives additional funding.  Most importantly, if the oil tank leaked & an unlicensed oil tank removal company performed the work, the state will not give you any financial assistance for the clean-up cost – if &' when more funding becomes available.



Oil Tank Removal NJ

Clean Up Leaking Tanks FAST with UHOT certified tank removal.

NJ Licensed & UHOT certified:   If you have an oil tank removal NJ project, select a company that has a UHOT certification in addition to a NJDEP license.  Here's why:

  • UHOT companies finish oil tank removals in NJ fast! New Jersey allows UHOT companies to close out the oil tank removal & the clean-up on an expedited basis.  In our experience, NJ will sign off on UHOT contractor's work and issue a no-further-action letter in 2 to 3 weeks after the site work is finished.
  • Hiring a Company's without UHOT?  Be prepared to wait! If the firm performing the remediation does not have UHOT status, the closeout process can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years and it's often the latter part of the range.

What is UHOT? A UHOT certification is given to those firms that are pre-qualified to investigate & clean-up residential oil tanks with limited oversight by NJ.  In the eyes of New Jersey,  UHOT oil tank removal firms have the qualifications, experience and training to warrant less oversight.   After the site work is complete, there is a four step process to close out the clean-up.

  1. Complete UHOT questionnaire.
  2. Sign certification statement
  3. Send a $400 fee to UHOT oil tank removal nj program
  4. Send NJ all appropriate remediation documents.

We make Oil Tank Removal in NJ easy.

Oil tank removal nj

With our company you are getting an licensed NJDEP contractor that can also access UHOT program.   In addition, you are getting additional support that other companies do not offer:

  • Oil Tank Removal NJ: There's virtually no out of pocket expense to have this work done!
  • We work in all NJ counties:  We have projects ongoing in all NJ counties.  You can count on us to provide reliable local service.
  • We complete and send all NJ oil tank removal paperwork for you.  If it's an oil tank removal in NJ or a leaking oil tank in NJ, we'll make sure all the paperwork is filled out correctly.
  • Leaking tank? No worries! We make sure you submit all the paperwork in proper form so there are no delays in closing out the clean-up.  Remember, we can get this done UHOT fast – 2 to 3 weeks.
  • NJ is still accepting applications for cleanup of leaking tanks: NJ has separate funding for leaking tanks.  You may be able to get a  leaking oil tank grant from NJ but there may be a long waiting process -several years and no guarantee you will receive grant money.

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