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Tank Removal TRUST Testimonials

What real estate professionals say:

"This is such a wonderful program. Thank you so much for making a difficult situation go smoothly. I refer you every chance I get."Nancy Wagner, Real Estate Attorney Rockaway, NJ


What homeowners say:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the easy process of tank removal. It started with consistent communication from Keith giving quotes and helping us understand what can seem like a very scary and costly experience. He was always responsive and even took the time to help us find someone to resell our unneeded oil. Next Hugh helped in getting everything arranged and helped us understand the process of what was to happen and when we should expect the gentleman coming. The two guys who came to actually remove the tank were amazing. I apologize for forgetting their names but the were on time, efficient and professional. The took the time to put our pavers back after having to displace them from removing tank. We had an incredibly positive experience and have already referred friends who need their tank removed." Brad and Amy Kinder, East Hanover NJ


"I had a tank removal and a soil remediation done. I was very pleased and very surprised – it was such a great job! The workers were very efficient. They didn’t leave the garden in a mess. They smoothed out the soil and covered it with straw and that’s key!" Ann Deluca, homeowner Sparta, NJ


"You did such an excellent and neat job. Even my mother decided to use your services." John Gieveld, homeowner Flanders, NJ


What other ATS customers say:

"I had already spent four months working on my own grant application when I found out about ATS. Now, I recommend TRUST to all my clients who want to remove and upgrade their underground oil tank. It's definitely a time-saver."Kelly Rein, sales agent ERA Advantage Realty, Bordentown, NJ


"ATS saved my time instead of doing it myself."Pat W., homeowner Highland Lakes, NJ


"The information and service are great. You allowed me to feel comfortable buying a home with an underground tank. I plan on referring anyone I know who wants to replace their underground oil tank."Christopher F., homeowner Sewell, NJ


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